In 2023, brands will trust less influencers/content creators who do not have management teams

In 2023, brands will trust less influencers/content creators who do not have management teams

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Before launching an influencer marketing campaign, the advertiser undergoes a few studies that are generally linked to the choice of the ideal influencer that corresponds more or less to the brand's DNA. The advertiser also studies the influencer's stats to reassure itself of the reach that the campaign could have and, depending on the nature of the objectives, defines the actions to be carried out by the influencer, the timing dedicated to the implementation of these actions as well as the platforms to be used. In general, the success of a campaign lies in the coherence and the respect of this editorial calendar, even if it is not excluded that some contracts leave a significant freedom to the influencer regarding the form, the content and the frequency of the publications.
The non-respect of an instruction, an action or a publication period can make a whole campaign fall apart and this year, several influencers/content creators have been ejected from campaigns because of their indiscipline. This lack of professional seriousness has also cost some marketing managers in agencies or at the advertiser.  It is important to know that a campaign can have several objectives: a launch objective, a relay objective and a fall objective. Some campaigns form a loop where each action is linked or triggers another. For each action, you can decide to associate a different profile depending on whether the objective is credibility, notoriety or an incentive to take action. If one of the actions is not carried out or is not carried out at the right time, the whole campaign could be screwed up.

Why brands prefer to work with agencies (teams) rather than individuals 

Influencers/content creators are sometimes ignorant or unaware of the issues behind a campaign. Once they put their stamp in the left pocket, their irresponsibility comes out of the right pocket. Between trips and parties, the brief they were assigned drowns in noise. Sometimes some of them manage to ask the announcer "What's wrong with you? Don't put any more pressure on me...", "I have a hangover and my head is not ready to appear in public" answered another one to a company manager when he asked him again some time before a live show scheduled two weeks in advance and for which he had already received an important part of his fee. All these troubles experienced by advertisers on a daily basis will push brands in 2023 to trust only those who have a team, an interface with whom to coordinate and who will ensure the respect of the clauses of the contract because they are closer to the influencer and master his program, his whims and his vices.